Founded in 2013 in Amsterdam, Ace & Tate celebrates bold views, by collaborating with and supporting creative, forward-thinking individuals. Through responsible and conscious actions, Ace & Tate is on a mission to become an engine for positive change in the industry. Most importantly, the brand offers nice eyewear, at transparent prices, too: from €98 including prescription.

Ace & Tate uses Odoo as their supply chain tool. All logistical transactions are registered in one central Inventory Management System (IMS) where most transactions are automated using REST API. Odoo is a great fit in the best-of-breed IT landscape of Ace & Tate.


Beurtvaartadres facilitates the logistics chain in the mutual exchange and storage of data about logistics transactions, in order to reduce the total transaction costs.

To this end, it makes knowledge, user-friendly portals and products available. Beurtvaartadres explicitly strives for sustainable and socially responsible services and wants to convey awareness through its CSR policy to employees, customers and suppliers.

Beurtvaartadres is independent and acts on behalf of the business organizations EVO, Goods Transport Netherlands, Dutch Inland Shipping Agency and Transport and Logistics Netherlands.


Sidekix is a marketing fulfillment company with 100 very committed colleagues. With a focus on personalization and maximum customer experience where direct mail, fulfillment, e-fulfillment and customer contact come together. Thanks to the short lines of communication, personal contact and genuine interest, we are the sidekick you can always count on for the practical implementation of marketing campaigns, webshop logistics and follow-up of customer contact. We do what you promise.


Location seems such a simple thing. The place where something is located. The place you want to go. The place where you have the biggest plans. Insight into the possibilities of that location, that is what location intelligence is all about. How high is a building? Where are cables underground? What is the fastest route from A to B? What is the best location for a noise barrier, windmill or distribution center? But also: what will this place look like in 20 years if we take a completely different course?

Geodan collects, combines, visualizes and analyzes data such as company data, current information or historical data. By making the right cross-connections between that data, we create new, spatial insights. Insights that enable us to make the right decisions about the design of our country. That is the connecting power of location intelligence.


ZUNGO is a leading pest management company active throughout the Netherlands.

ZUNGO helps to prevent damage from pests. To really solve and prevent pest problems, customer focus and quality delivery are necessary. ZUNGO is successful due to our core values of customer focus, quality, fast switching and forwarding.

The Travelling Nut

Import and distribution for independent producers of all natural beverages that we love and want to share with our friends. The palm tree has found an amazing way to survive and reproduce itself; as its fruit, the coconut is built to travel.

Taken by the currents of the sea, it will travel the world and wherever faith takes it, a new palm tree can grow and life begins. Not just a new life for the palm tree but also opportunities for us as a human species. We can build houses from the trunks and leaves, make rope out of the bark to weave clothes or catch fish and of course eat and drink the fruit. The beauty in all of this is nature has arranged everything for us, it has a system, where when in balance, absolute symbiosis can occur. The only thing we need to give back in exchange for being blissfully rewarded with an amazing variety of delicious fruits and vegetables is to spread those same nuts and seeds, so her legacy carries on. And that sounds like a pretty good deal to us!

Fruit op je werk

Fruit is healthy, gives a positive feeling and is an accessible tool to encourage people to live more consciously. Based on this idea, Vitamine & Zo started delivering fruit boxes at work and offering a healthy experience.

MORE THAN JUST FRESH Offering fresh fruit is not always enough to structurally change people's behavior. That is why our concept is more complete and focused on experiencing and stimulating a healthy diet. Thanks to our cards and displays, the fruit attracts extra attention. We share information about the properties and benefits of fruit in a light and accessible way. Sometimes with a wink, but always with the thought that knowledge is the key to change.

Intermodal Telematics

IMT is an independent telematics solution partner for the tank container and tank wagon industry. We offer generic as well as tailor-made telematics hardware and software. Our clients are tank operators, tank manufacturers, tank leasing companies and end-customers. IMT was founded in 2013 in Breda (The Netherlands), between the ports of Antwerp and Rotterdam. This location enabled us to learn, test and improve our tank sensors in close cooperation with the industry.

VEDS Group

As the name VEDS Group (Veeren Electronic Design Solutions) suggests, we are specialized in designing electronic solutions for our customers. These solutions can range from small activities for support in your project to fully management of your multidisciplinary development project.

Innovative and reliable, that is where the VEDS Group stands for. We are technically progressive and defiant.From a solid quality system, we guarantee a good quality product or service.Needless to say, that we always fulfill our agreement with you, and you get what you expect.Our challenge is to provide you with maximum support in your success.


With more than 15 years of experience, Metalworks can always design, make and install a steel facade, door, staircase or furniture according to your wishes.

The name Metalworks says it all; our specialty is making products from metal, such as steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, brass, etc. in combination with various types of glass and wood. From refined to robust, but always finished to perfection and delivered on time.


Europet Bernina International has been active as a designer, manufacturer and wholesaler in the pet industry since 1873.

In 2015, the business, better known as EBI, became a part of the Laroy Group, with the aim of increasing the strength and diversity of EBI brands.